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Education, II



The solutions is obvious…money.

More money, better results.

This works — but up to a point. Between 1995 and 2004, OECD countries increased education spending by an average of 39%…yet the results overall have not increased appreciably.

The United States invests more in education per capita than most other countries, but rank below the OECD average.

In contrast, Poland spends less than half the US, but scores higher.

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Educational System

13. Is the educational system fine, or does it need changes and reforming? If yes, in what ways?

14. Which country has the “best” educational system? Why? For example?

15. Do you think your country’s educational system should copy, adapt or borrow elements from it?

16. Which system is “better”: the US system where schools are academically oriented and prepare all students (at least in theory) for university; or the German system in which young students are divided into university-preparatory schools and vocational-technical schools?

17. What do you think education be like in the future? Is education changing now?


18. Does a person’s education end at high school (secondary school), or university?

19. What have your parents told you about education?

20. What sort of education would you like your children to have and accomplish?

21. Would you like to be a “career” student? Have a full scholarship to study for your bachelors, masters, Ph.D. on whatever you are interested in?


22. Should the government invest more in schools, universities and vocational technical schools? Why or why not?

23. Should the government spend more on educating the masses of society; or concentrate more money educating the brightest students and funding scientific and technical research?

24. What are school vouchers? What is their purpose? Do they work? Who are for and who are against school vouchers? Why?

25. It’s better to “waste” money educating university students in art, literature and philosophy, than spending it on the military. Yes or no?



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