Crime, I

Crime refers to acts that are forbidden by law. Murder is a crime in all countries.

Other crimes include shoplifting, misappropriating funds, possessing or trading illegal drugs, sexual assault, driving over the speed limit, and robbing a bank.

But what is considered legal and illegal changes continually.






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Crime in General

Shoplifting. Name as many crimes as you can.

Is crime a serious problem where you live? How do you feel? I feel a) very safe, b) mostly safe, c) in the middle, so-so, d) I don’t feel very safe, e) fearful in general?

Graffiti. Are there (lots of) swindlers and scammer? How do they operate? Have you ever been ripped off, swindled or scammed? Have you ever been a perpetrator?

White Collar Crime

Arson. What is the difference between violent crime and white collar crime? What are some examples of each?

Is there much white collar crime?




Threatening with Body Harm.
Which is a more serious problem, white collar crime or violent crime?

Misdemeanor Assault.
Which is morally or ethically “worse”, violent crime or white collar crime? Which do people dread more?


Aggravated Assault. I have felt concerned for my safety before or while visiting and traveling in another neighborhood, district, city, province, region or country. Yes or no? Describe it.

Sexual Assault.
Are there places that you had heard had violent crimes or was dangerous…but when you actually went there, it turned out to be quite normal, or even very safe and secure?

Domestic Abuse.
There have been places that I had heard wonderful things about, places that were famous and romantic; but when I actually got there, I felt insecure or uncomfortable. True or false?

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