months of year

Months of the Year



tour summer February
March April September
June winter January
May October November
July Easter spring (2)
gift autumn Santa Claus
warm tourism Christmas
cold cool (2) December
hot festival celebration
snow August Aurora Borealis
beach month vacation
fun holiday fireplace
present (2)




1. My favorite month is December. True or false? Is December your favorite month? If not, what is your favorite month? Why is it your favorite month?

2. What is your least favorite or worst month? Why is it your least favorite month?

3. Should there be more (15, 18, 20, 24), less (10, 9, 8) or the same amount of months (12)?

4. Does everyone take a vacation in July and August?

5. My friends and I take winter vacations. Is this right or wrong?

6. In January and February, I usually stay at home.

7. From July to August does everyone goes out or stay outside?



8. Should students attend school year round?

9. Are there lots of celebrations and festivities in March, April and May?

10. We have many celebrations and festivities in October and November. Is this correct or incorrect?

11. Do your friends and classmates have birthdays on certain months? Do certain months have many birthdays?

12. People feel differently in different months. Yes or no?


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