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When many people consider tourism, they think of international travel to exotic destinations. However, most tourism is domestic–that is, it relates to tourists traveling within their own country.

Both international and domestic tourism are dominated by industrial countries. Europe, North America, and the Pacific region receive more than two-thirds of international visitor arrivals. However, tourism is a major industry worldwide.

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Tourism Culture and Society

14. Does tourism preserve or revive the traditional, folk culture (arts, food, music, crafts, dance and architecture) of a nation?

15. Can tourism reduce or destroy traditions and culture of a host country?

General and Hypothetical Questions

16. Would you like to see more (foreign) tourists visiting your city, region, province or country? Why or why not?

17. What would happen if millions of tourists came to your country or region every year? If more tourists came to my city and country,

18. What was tourism like in the past, many years ago? Was it very different from now?

19. Is there potential for rural or alternative or ecotourism in your region, province or country? What are some ideas?

20. Would you like your country to have an economy based on industry, manufacturing and technology; agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining; or services such as finance, health, education and tourism; or a mixture of them?

21. Are there any disadvantages or negative aspects of tourism?

22. Are there alternative forms of tourism, e.g., medical tourism, education tourism, shopping tourism, retirement tourism?

23. What will tourism be like in the future?

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