factory 2

Factory, two

To make factories more efficient, some manufacturers use computers to link the operations of various machines and to control the flow of work through the plant. These computers enable a few technicians to survey and operate the entire factory.

Such factories may use robots and computer-controlled machine tools. These devices often provide safer, more efficient ways to perform tiring or dangerous tasks. Such tasks include welding, spray painting, and transporting heavy machinery.

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12. How are your company’s products made? Describe the manufacturing process.

13. Where is your plant located? Why is it located there?

14. Is your factory labor intensive or is it mostly automated and computerized? Are there robots?

15. How have operations been changing? What will happen in the future?

16. The factory operates from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Is this correct or incorrect?

17. Does the government help or hinder operations, both, in the middle?

Employees, Personnel, Staff

18. What sort of employee benefits do workers receive at your company?

19. How are employees recruited and hired at your company? Help wanted ads, universities, employment agencies, word of mouth?

20. What sort of education, training or qualifications must applicants or candidates have?

21. Our company provides apprenticeships and training programs for new workers. Yes or no?

22. Are there periodic workshops, seminars, lectures and courses for employees? Give examples.

23. We have company picnics, sports teams, excursions, clubs, etc. True or false?

24. What happens when employees retire?



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