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Customs and Stereotypes

Europe, two

Many customs begin because people like to know what to expect in social situations. Like all cultural traits, customs are a form of learned behaviour, and they differ among different peoples.

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Are the following customs true or still true? Why did or do these customs exist? What do you think about them? How is it in your country?


1. In the United Kingdom, the “national dish” is curry. Britons love Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine; they prefer it over their traditional cuisine (fish and chips, roast beef and shephard’s pie).
2. Sweden has a “cradle to grave” social welfare system.
3. All Spaniards look like Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz. In other words, all Spanish people have black hair and dark eyes. Meanwhile, all Scandinavians are blonde and blue-eyed.
4. Though Czechs and Slovaks are next-door neighbors, the Czechs are very cold and unemotional, while Slovaks are very friendly and open.
5. Great Britain has both the highest marriage and divorce rates in Europe.



6. In Romania, when visiting someone’s house, male guests must drink tuica or palinka (brandy). Refusing is considered very rude and disrespectful.
7. Women from Moldova like to marry men from Western Europe, and vice versa . . . though they often end up getting divorced.
8. The Dutch speak openly and blatantly about physical appearance and sex — however personal income and occupation are strictly taboo.
9. It is unusual in Norway for couples to still be married after many years.
10. In Germany, there is no litter on the streets.

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