Immigration, two


The heaviest immigration worldwide took place from the early 1800’s to the 1930’s. In that period, about 60 million people moved to a new land.

Most came from Europe. More than half immigrated to the United States. Other destinations included Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.


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13. There are many immigrants in my city. Many immigrants live in my city. True or false? Approximately what percent of the population are immigrants? Has it been changing over the years?

14. What countries do many people immigrate from? Which countries are large sources of immigrants? Has the pattern changed over the decades?

15. What are the advantages of having lots immigrants? What do they (typically) do?

16. Are there any disadvantages of having lots of immigrants?

17. Are there some famous or prominent immigrants in your country? Who are they? What have they done?

18, Many people who immigrated to my country have returned to their home country. Is this right or wrong?


19. Many people from my country have emigrated. Is this correct or wrong? If yes, where have they emigrated to? Why have they emigrated?

20. Have many emigrants from your country returned? Have you known any repatriate?
Why have they returned? What do they say?

21. There are many people from my country who have succeeded as immigrants abroad. Yes or no?

22. Can you think of scientists, engineers, business people who have achieved great success abroad. Yes or no? Give examples.


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