Dance, part one

Dance is the movement of the human body in a rhythmic way.

It serves many functions in human society: as an art form, a social activity, a type of communication, and a form of recreation.

A dance can be spontaneous or performed in established movements. It can tell a story, explore an emotion, or serve as a form of self-expression.

Many people dance as a career, but anyone can dance simply by moving in rhythm.

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1. I like to dance. True or false? Do your friends, colleagues or classmates like dancing?

2. What are your favorite types of dancing? My favorite types of dancing are . . . . . . .

3. Have you or your friends taken ballet, folk dancing, modern dancing, or some other form of dance lessons? Describe them.

4. I would like to learn and participate in certain dances. Yes or no? If yes, which ones?

5. My friend would like to become a professional dancer. Is this corrector incorrect?

6. Would you like to be a dance instructor or coach?

7. Do (Did) you and your classmates put on dance performances at school? If yes, what were they?



8. Only young people (like to) dance. Is this right or wrong?

9. What kind of dance is popular among teenagers and young people (these days)?

10. Do people keep up with the latest dance craze throughout their lives, or do they stick to the dance of their youth?

11. Have Break Dancing, Latin, Salsa, Tango and Oriental (Belly) dancing become popular where you live?

12. Do old people like to dance? What dances are popular among older people?

13. Dancing is good exercise. Yes or no?

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