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Advertisements, II

The purpose of most advertising is to sell products or services. Manufacturers advertise to try to persuade people to buy their products. Large business firms also use advertising to create a favorable “image” of their company.

They want the company name to be known and respected for the products the firm makes or the services it provides. Local businesses use advertising to gain new customers and increase sales.

Advertising thus plays a key role in the competition among businesses for the consumer’s money. It is the cheapest and fastest way to inform large numbers of people about products or services for sale and to persuade them to buy. In many businesses, the volume of sales depends largely on the amount of advertising done.

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Here are some advertisements. For each, answer the following questions.

1. What do you see? Where is this place?

2. Are there any characters? Who were the characters? What are the people doing? What is happening?

3. What is the product or service? What is being sold?

4. Who is the company?

5. What is the message?

6. Who is the target?

7. Where would you see this ad?

8. What would viewers think? Is it effective?

4a     4b

5a   5b



3. Business Related

11. Describe the advertising of your company or organization.

12. What are some advertising classics or icons?

13. What is mean by “targeted ads”? Give examples. Where do you find them?

14. What are the best or most effective forms of advertising?

15. A common thread in advertising is to highlight or emphasize a product or service’s benefits to the prospect or consumer more than its features. What does this mean? Why is that?

6a   6b 



4. Government, Rules, Regulations

16. Are there any restrictions on advertising in your country? For example?

17. What would happen if there were no advertising? What would happen if the government banned all advertising?

18. Have you seen or heard non-commercial advertising? Describe them.

19. Describe election campaign ads. How would you characterize them?

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