Art, 1

Art, in a broad sense, is skill in making or doing. We can say that someone knows and practises the art of basket-weaving, of tuning a piano, or even of scoring a goal.

More generally, people associate art with the creation of beautiful objects for decoration or simply for their own sakes.

These include such activities as painting a picture, making ceramics and sculptures, and their finished products.






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Artistic Ability

1. Can you paint, draw, sculpt, carve wood, do ceramics, knit or other type of artwork?
Did you do these things in school? Describe some of your creations.

2. Art education and art classes are important for children. What do you think? Why is art education important?

3. Should there be greater emphasis on art lessons for students?

4. Is artistic ability inborn or can anyone acquire it through study and practice? Give examples.

5. Does engaging in artwork make a person better in more technical, logical activities such as computers, engineering and business?


6. Do you collect art works? If you had beaucoup bucks (lots of money), what art works would you buy and collect? e.g. paintings, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, woodwork, metal work, stone work, fabrics, carpets, figurines.

7. What are your favourite types of sculpture, paintings, ceramics, woodwork, textiles, arts and crafts?

8. What are the most beautiful artworks that you have seen?

9. Do you prefer Modern Art, Classical Art or Folk Art?

10. What types of art or craft do you dislike or not care for?


11. Who are some of the great artists from your country? Give examples of what they produced.

12. Who are your favourite artists? What have they produced?

13. Do you know any professional artists or hobbyists? What do they do?



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