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Hotel is an establishment that provides overnight lodging for the public. Its basic service is providing a room to sleep in. But most hotels also have at least one restaurant. Many hotels offer rooms and services for meetings, and some have shops and offer entertainment.




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 In General

1. I have stayed in a hotel. Yes or no? If yes, what hotels have you stayed in? Where were they?

2. Describe the best or most interesting or memorable hotel you have stayed in. Why is it so good?

3. There are many hotels in my city or town. True or false? If yes, do they vary in hotel stars and quality?

4. What is the best, most prestigious, or famous hotel in your city? Describe the grandest hotel in your city. Who stays there?

5. If you had lots of money, what hotels would you like to stay in?

6. Are there very old or historical hotels in your city? Are hotels an old tradition or business?

Working in a Hotel

7. Do you or do any of your friends work in a hotel? What is it like working in a hotel?

8. How many employees are there in a hotel? What are the positions?

9. Hotels are very glamorous places to work. Do you agree?

10. Would you like to work in a hotel?

11. I would like to own and run a small inn, bed and breakfast or family hotel. Yes or no? Would you like to manage (or own) a large hotel?

12. Do many immigrants work in hotels? Are there many migrants working in hotels?


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