Non-Politicians and Pre-Politicians

1. Can anyone become a politician, or only people with a certain character, trait or personality?

2. None of my neighbors, friends, classmates and co-workers wants to become a politician. Is this correct or wrong?

3. Nobody trusts politicians, including politicians themselves. Yes or no?

4. What are some of the backgrounds of politicians or public office holders?

5. Have you ever seen a (famous) politician? How did it feel? How did other people react?

In Government

6. Politicians don’t need to be educated or attend university; but they have to be smart, informed and knowledgeable.

7. Politicians don’t have to know the details of economics, law, science, the environment or sociology (they have advisers, counselors and ministers for that). The most important thing is having leadership and charisma.

8. Most politicians are more concerned about fighting, going against their political rivals and protecting their honor and dignity; than serving the people, town, municipality, region and nation. What do you think?

9. Politicians, after being in government for while, tend to become power hungry and corrupt. True or false?

10. How independent are presidents, prime ministers, governors, members of parliament, congress, the senate politicians in their decision making?

Do they stick to their election campaign promises, do they do what is expedient or practical, do they tow their party’s line, follow public opinion, or a mix of the above? Which is the best?

11. Politicians should have term limits; there should be no career politicians. What do you think?


12. Who are some of the great leaders or statesman or states person in your nation’s history? Why were they so great?

13. Who is your favorite statesman or leader? Who do you admire the most?

14. Who were some of the worse leaders in your country?

15. Who were some great and influential philosophers, thinkers, writers and reformers?





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