transportation 3

Transportation, III


Vocabulary related to transportation.

sailor motorbike truck/lorry
boat unicycle motorcycle
tram merchant harbor/port
desert crowded metro/tube
cart commute underground
trust survive overcharge
camel subway horse-drawn
mule donkey stubborn
llama sweater up-to-date
ship freeway motorway
feat railway railroad
diesel spaceship helicopter
rocket megacity cruise liner



D. Transport Centers

23. You can see lots of interesting people at airports, bus and train stations.

24. The food at bus stations is the best!

25. There is never an up-to-date schedule at the bus stop.

26. Airports are very exciting places! The atmosphere at airports is very exciting!

27. Are there many bars and clubs by the harbor (port)?

28. Describe the condition of the roads.

29. We need more freeways or motorways. Do you agree?

30. When were the railways built? Are they celebrated as a great feat of engineering?

E. Other

31. Do some (rich) people commute by helicopter in megacities?

32. Would you like to live and work on a cruise liner? Would you like to go on a cruise line vacation? Do cruise liners dock at a port in your country?

33. Our country should have a space program. We should launch rockets and spaceships. What do you think?

34. Can people get a driver’s license at age 15? What is the ideal age to get a driver’s license?


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