politics two

Politics, two


Political Attitudes

1. Governments are more concerned about and care for big business than ordinary citizens.

2. What is the attitude of the government with regards to defence and the military?

3. Do citizens feel the government is separate from them instead of being a part of civil society? Do they feel like that politicians and the government are the “enemy”?

4. What role does religion play in politics? How much of a role should religion feature in politics?

5. Do politicians want to increase or decrease taxes? Do they want to increase or cut its budget? Do they want a bigger or smaller government or for things to remain the same?

6. What is the relationship between politicians and big business?


7. Are certain laws unfair or inconvenient for people? Which laws seem “unfair” and ought to be changed or scrapped?

8. But often, unfair, unjust laws “can’t” be changed. These are demonstrated by sayings such as “Those are the rules.” “That’s how thing are.” “I do make the rules; I just carry them out.” “You can’t fight city hall.” Have you heard or experienced this? Can you give examples? Are they easy to change?

9. More laws should be adopted or annulled though referendums or plebiscites. Do you agree?

Media, Propaganda

10. Do governments use “propaganda”, or tries to influence the public in different ways? Give examples.

11. There is (complete) freedom of the press in my country. Yes or no?

12. The US and EU have complete freedom of the press. What do you think?

13. Do opinion polls feature heavily on TV news and other media? Are politicians keenly aware of public opinion?

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