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The Police

Police are public employees who enforce the law and maintain order. They work to prevent crime and to protect the lives and property of the people of a community.

Policemen and policewomen serve their communities in many ways. They patrol streets to guard against crime and to assist people with various problems. Police officers direct traffic to keep it running smoothly and safely. The police are often called to settle quarrels, find lost people, or aid accident victims. During floods, fires, and other disasters, they help provide shelter, transport, and protection for victims.


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In General

1. Police officers wear uniforms. True or false? Describe the uniform or uniforms worn by your local police. Are uniforms standard or does it vary in your country?

2. Are there some plain-clothed, police officers? What do they do? Why are they plain-clothed?

3. Our city has a large police department. Is this right or wrong? How often do you see policemen? I always, usually, frequently, often, sometimes, seldom or rarely see police officers in my city. How do they patrol the city?

4. Do police officers carry firearms (guns) on their patrol? Should police officers carry firearms while on normal patrol duty?

5. All police officers are big and strong. They have to be big and strong. Yes or no?


6. As a child, did you and your friends want to become a police officer? Why or why not?

7. How do you feel when you see a police officer? Do you feel secure, normal, nervous, scared, insecure, or I don’t feel any different?

8. Have you or your friends ever been arrested by the police? If yes, why? How did it feel? Have you witnessed police arresting someone?

9. I have been stopped or pulled over by a police officer for speeding or other traffic violation. Is this right or wrong? How did it feel?

10. Have you ever called the police? What was it for? Have you ever visited or had to stop by the police station? Why did you do that?

11. Have you ever been saved or rescued or greatly assisted by a police officer? What happened?

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