Writing is a system of human communication by means of visual symbols or signs. The most primitive stages of “writing,” or marking on objects, date almost from the time of the earliest human beings. However, the first fully developed system of writing appeared only about 5,500 years ago.


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Book, Blog, Webpages

1. Do you plan on writing a book? If so, on what topic or subject matter?

2. I have a blog. True or false? Do your friends have blogs? If yes, what do you write about?

3. I like to write comments on message boards and forums. Yes or no? What subjects or topics do you write about?

4. Would you like a job writing blogs or online articles?

Emailing, Texting

5. Do you write lots of emails, every day? From whom do you receive emails? (friends, colleagues, prospects, strangers)?

6. I send lots of text messages. Is this correct or wrong? Are they mostly business related or personal, or both?

7. Are some people addicted to emailing or texting?

Writing Ability

8. Are you a “good” writer” Are you “good” at writing?

9. How could you improve your writing? What is the best way to improve your writing?

10. Should people write in a complex manner or in colloquial, vernacular, conversational way?

11. Do you prefer writing by hand, on a keyboard, or by smart phone pad?


12. Did or do your teachers and professors give you too much writing homework or not enough?

13. What kinds of things do or did your classmates write about? What was the most “outrageous” topic or story that was written by your classmates?

Writing and Society

14. What percent of the population is illiterate? What percent is functionally illiterate?

15. Have there been literacy campaigns?

16. Can writings change or influence society? Give examples.


17. Who are some very good writers, based on their works that you have read?

18. Name some great, famous writers from your country. What do or did they write about?

19. I want to be a great (famous) writer. Yes or no?

Career and Economics

20. Do you do a lot of writing in your job or profession? If yes, what do you write about?

21. Is writing a prerequisite for success? Do you know successful people who aren’t good writers?

22. Is it necessary for everyone to be literate to have a prosperous economy?

23. Can writing out your goals or affirmations bring them into reality?


24. What are some “unusual”, “exotic”, or “interesting” alphabets or forms of writing?

25. Is there a calligraphic or decorative form of your writing/alphabet? Where do you often see them?

26. Is the number of alphabets or writing systems decreasing in number? Is this good or bad?

27. Is it easy to learn to read and write using your nation’s alphabet system? Is it phonetic or non-phonetic?

28. If your alphabet, writing system, spelling is non-phonetic, would it be better to switch a phonetic one? Would that be convenient?

29. If your alphabet, writing system, or spelling is non-phonetic, have people sometimes (unofficially) spelled words phonetically, or pronounced words as they “should” sound based on their spelling?

The Future

30. What do you think “writing” will be like in the future? Will there even be “writing” as we have known for the past 5,500 years?

31. In the future, there will be no writing: only audio, video and other communication devices. What do you think?




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