food four

Food, four



35. Describe a healthy diet.

36. Describe an unhealthy diet.

37. Is the average body weight of people increasing? Are people getting fatter?

38. Are anorexia nervosa and bulimia serious problems?

39. Do people eat too little or too much food? Or both?

Fast Food

40. What do you think of McDonald’s and KFC?

41. How long has McDonald’s and KFC been in your city? Are they very popular?

42. What do you think of hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, shawarma (doner, gyros). Are they taking over?

43. People are becoming more health conscious. People are becoming more concerned about their health. They are eating more fresh, natural, healthy, organic foods. Do you agree?

44. Cooking and culinary shows, programs, and documentaries are popular on TV. Yes or no?

45. What will people eat in the future? How will people eat?

46. Are foods of the future going to vary more, or become more homogeneous?

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