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All parts of the body must work together properly to maintain physical health. A person who is in good physical condition has the strength and energy to enjoy an active life and withstand the stresses of daily life.

Proper nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness, and medical and dental care are all essential to healthy living.

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Health Factors

Are the following very healthy, bad for your health, or it doesn’t matter? Will it make them live longer, shorter, or have no effect?

a) Luke usually walks to work. George always drives from point A to point B.
b) Barbara has a university degree (in classical literature). Joe dropped out of high school.
c) Charlie has a glass of red wine every evening. John is a teetotaler (he never drinks alcohol).
d) Dennis likes bungee jumping and skydiving. Bill is a couch potato.
e) Fred works with computers all day. Jim is a janitor (custodian).
f) Ernie is a farmer. Patrick is an accountant of a large company.
g) Howard habitually smokes. Bob has quit smoking.
h) Ann has six children. Margaret has no children.
i) Michael’s grandmother lived to 109; Patrick’s father lived to 57.
j) Jan eats mostly fruits and vegetables; Roger likes chicken, beef, potatoes, bread, rice.
k) Ian is in the army; he is a special forces soldier.
l) Jan and Mike live next door to an electrical power station.
m) Kelly is an airlines pilot; Joe is a train engineer.
n) Peter is a monk and lives in a monastery. Teresa is a nun and lives in a convent.
o) George lives in a cabin in the mountains and forest. Jack lives in New York.
p) Mrs. Loren has three cats and two dogs. Martin lives alone.
q) Nancy likes to go sunbathing and swimming in the beaches of Australia.
r) Ingrid lives in Iceland. Jose lives in Costa Rica. Don lives in Hawaii. Robert lives in Zimbabwe.
s) Quincy is a captain of a fishing boat. Carl is a businessman.
t) Randy is an atheist while Paul goes to church every Sunday and Wednesday.
u) Tom has lots of affairs and different girlfriends. Carl has only one wife.
v) Philip likes to play chess, read and do crossword puzzles. Jason just sits around and does nothing.
w) Arnold plays the guitar, Mary plays the violin and Susan plays the piano.
x) Bill watches TV all the time. Pamela likes to read books.
y) Matt enjoys going to the woods, and picking, cooking and eating mushrooms.
z) Jack laughs and jokes a lot; Jill is always gloomy.
aa) How can people live to over 100?

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