communication two

Communication, II


We also receive much information through mass communication. By this means, people share information with a large audience.

Written texts are perhaps the oldest media of communication. The internet is one of the newest. Television, newspapers, magazines, and radio are other major media.

In addition, artists often communicate to the public through their works.

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13. What proportion do people communicate with their words, tone of voice and body language?

14. Have you heard of “human lie detectors”? How do they operate?

15. Have you heard of telepathy or accounts of telepathy? Do you wish you were telepathic?

16. What would happen if every one was, or learned to be telepathic?

17. I wish I could read other people’s minds. True or false?

18. What would happen if we could all read each others’ minds?

Sign Language

19. Do you know anyone who can use sign language? What sort of work do they do? Who are his or her friends?

20. Do you know sign language? Would it be good, useful (or fun) for everyone to learn and communicate in sign language as well as orally? Is signing a more interesting way to communicate than speaking? Why?

21. Besides foreign languages, do you think it would be “useful” for all students to learn Morse code, sign language, Braille and other forms of communication?

22. Are there deaf theater companies or deaf theatrical performances in your city? Are they quite dramatic?

Communication and Work, Business

23. Can you think of instances where miscommunication has cost you, your friend or a company time, money and headaches?

24. Who is the best speaker that you know? Why is she or he so good at communicating?

25. It’s been said that communication equals wealth. Can you give examples?

26. “We have two ears and one mouth.” Elaborate on this.

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