english language 2

The English Language, two


During the 1500’s, fewer than 2 million people spoke English. Virtually all of them lived in what is now the United Kingdom.

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English Education

11. Do you find the English language easy to learn and master? Why or why not? Which languages are easier and more difficult to master than English?

12. Is English used as a language of instruction in any university or school in your country? Which ones?

13. Is English widely taught in your schools? Is English the main foreign language used in your country? If not which language is?

14. Besides English, what other languages are taught or spoken in your country?

15. How long has English been taught in your country? What is the history of English usage in your country?

16. When should children start learning a foreign language?


17. Some people have said that there is one country in the world where English is becoming less important or used. What country is this?

18. Some people has said that it’s high time the name “English” should be changed to “Worldish”, “Earthish”, or “Globalish”. Do you agree? Why or why not?

19. Would it be good or bad or both if everyone spoke English?

20. What will be the future of the English language?

21. Will Mandarin Chinese and, or Spanish eventually unseat English? Why or why not?



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