Friends, I






1. I have many friends. True or false? Do you have any friends? How many friends do you have?

2. Is having friends important? Do people need friends? Why are friends important? Give examples as to why.

3. If you needed $10 (or $100 or $1,000), how many friends would lend you some money? How many friends would help you? If I needed $100, . . . . friends would help me.

4. What do friends typically do together? Friends typically . . .

5. People only have friends in their age group. Yes or no? Do you have any close friends who are significantly older or younger than you?


6. Is it easy or difficult for people to make new friends or have friends in your city, community or society?

7. Who makes friends more easily, children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged or old people?


8. I know some people who don’t have any friends. Some people don’t have any friends. Is this right or wrong? If yes, why don’t they have any friends?

9. Are there very popular boys and girls in your school, company or neighborhood?

10. Do people keep the same friends from school or their teenage years; or do their friends “come and go”?

11. Who has the most friends or who has more friends, rich, middle-class, working class or poor people; or it doesn’t matter or it depends?


12. Do couples feel closer to each other, or to their best male and female friends?

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