Stereotypes and Customs

of Europe, One


Custom is a practice or a way of doing things that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Customs are part of the culture shared by members of a social group.




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Are the following customs true or still true? Why did or do these customs exist? What do you think about them? Are they good, bad, both, neither, in the middle, it depends? How is it in your country?


100. When English tourists travel to Ibiza, they go to clubs, bars and discos, and party and drink a lot.
200. Dutch tourists often stay in hostels; Russians prefer five-star hotels.
300. It is illegal to spank children in Sweden.
400. Wherever you go, you can always find German travelers, but not very many from Spain.
500. Finland has the highest rate of depressed; in Greece people have the lowest rate of depression (at least before 2008).






600. Norwegians speak English very well . . . often better than Britons.
700. The French refuse to learn and speak English.
800. In Turkey all the shop assistants and sales clerks in small shops, bazaar sellers and restaurant staff are men, while in Bulgaria most shop keepers, restaurant employees and small business operators are women.
900. Many British people have resettled in France, Spain and Bulgaria.

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