christmas celebration 2

Christmas Celebration, II


Christmas is the happiest and busiest time of the year for millions of people throughout the world. People of different countries celebrate the holiday in various ways, depending on national and local customs.

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Cultural Aspects

11. What are some Christmas decorations and ornaments?

12. Are you impressed by all the Christmas decorations and ornaments? Did you make Christmas ornaments at school?

13. People like to sing Christmas carols. Is this right or wrong? Did you learn and sing Christmas carols at school?

14. Does your country have a tradition of Santa or a Santa-like character?

15. Will Christmas change in the future?


16. Our city has a Christmas market. Yes or no? Describe them.

17. Many businesses make up to 50% of their revenue and profits during Christmas. Elaborate on this.

18. Are there many trades and industries that center around the Christmas season? What are they?

19. Christmas has lost its true spirit and meaning and has become too commercialized. What do you think?

20. Is there a Christmas or Santa’s village in your country or area?


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