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Advertisements, IV

Where advertising is widespread it has enormous influence on people’s lives. Advertising encourages people to eat certain foods, wear certain clothes, drive certain cars, and use certain household products.

It promotes the use of labour-saving appliances and then suggests ways to enjoy the resulting leisure time.

In doing all these things, advertising helps shape tastes, habits, attitudes, and culture of a country. In promoting the sale of many kinds of goods, advertising can help raise the standard of living.


Video: A TV Ad




1. What happened in the video? What did you see?
a) Where is this place?
b) Who were the characters?
c) What were they doing?
d) What was the plot or main idea of the “story”?
e) When does this take place?

2. What is the product or service? What is being sold?

3. Who is the company?

4. What is the message?

5. Who is the target?

6. Where would you see this ad?

7. What would viewers think? Is it effective?

6. Society

27. Advertising helps to change or shape culture. Do you agree? If yes, give examples.

28. Superstar athletes, singers, and actors often appear on ads. Why?

29. A dictum in advertisement is “sex sells”. How prevalent are sexy or evocative ads in your town, city, and, or country? What do you think about this?

30. It’s been said that the best form of advertising is by “word of mouth”. Elaborate on this.

31. Is there any connection between advertising and morals, ethics, ideals and values; or does it all boil down to money and profit?


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