Communism is a political and economic system that became one of the most powerful forces in the world. It shaped much of history from the early 1900’s to the 1990’s. Some people have considered Communism the greatest threat to world peace. Others have looked on it as the world’s greatest hope.

The term Communism has several meanings. Communism can be a form of government, an economic system, a revolutionary movement, a way of life, or a goal or ideal.

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Society and Demographics

1. What is communism? How would you describe communism?

2. I live in a “communist” country. Yes or no? Describe the system.

3. What have you read or been taught in school about communism? Was it positive, negative, both or neither?

4. Generally, are people (in your country) pro-communist, anti-communist, both or it depends on the individual? Approximately what percent of the population are communist or believe in communism?

5. Only working class and poor people support communism; only big business people are opposed to it. All poor and working class people support communism and all rich people oppose it. Is this true or false?

6. I know people who are or seem to be communist in their attitudes, beliefs and outlook. Is this correct or wrong? What do they say?
7. What is the history of communism in your country? Have communist had power or influence in your country?


8. Do you agree or disagree with communism? Is communism good or bad? It’s great. It’s somewhat good. It’s both good and bad; it has positive and negative aspects. It’s mostly negative. It’s evil.

Are there any positive aspects of communism? What are the pros or positive aspects of communism?

9. What are the cons or negative aspects of communism?

10. How can the problems addressed by communism be solved?

11. The ideal operating system is eclectic. What do you think?

12. What will happen to communism in the future? Will it fade away or make a strong comeback?



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