war one

War, part one


Since the dawn of history, people have fought against other people. Any struggle in which two large groups try to destroy or conquer each other is a war.

There have been many kinds of wars. Families have fought against families, tribes against tribes, followers of one religion against followers of another.

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In General

1. Is there a war in your country, at the moment?

2. When did your country last have a war?

3. Are there some or many war veterans in your country?

4. Is or was your great-grandfather a war veteran?

5. Women should fight and die in wars. Yes or no?


6. Wars are mostly waged (fought) by young males in their late teens and early twenties. Why is it fighting is mostly done by young men?

7. Hardly any middle-aged men fight in wars. Why do hardly any middle aged men fight in wars?

8. Some anthropologists and sociologist claim that warfare has nothing to do with political leaders per se, but directly correlates to the proportion of young males in society. What does this mean? What do you think?

9. What countries or nations “love war and fighting”? Which nations have glorified war?

10. Does your country take great pride in, and celebrate the wars from its history? If yes, which ones? What happened? Is there much sorrow for wars from the past? If yes, which ones? Why?

11. War, fighting and conflict is wonderful for Hollywood, CNN, and BBC. They love war. What do you think?

Anthropology and Psychology

12. According to some psychologists, warfare and fighting all ultimately boil down to nothing more than young men trying to impress women, i.e. attract mates. Then after they marry and have children, all war adventures and fantasies suddenly evaporate. True or false?

13. War and battles are like a sports tournament or sporting event; or sporting matches are like war and battles. Do you agree? Can war be compared to a sporting event?

14. “War games” or “paintball wars”, should be organized and elevated into a full-fledged sport, complete with Olympics and World Cup — as an alternative to the actual thing. Everyone should take part, especially political leaders and generals.

15. Do people secret love and admire war — as long as they, their family and friends don’t have to take part in it, or if it happened long ago?

16. People (males) love to watch war, action, and violent movies and documentaries. They love to play war games on the computer. True or false? Is this good, bad, both, or neither?

Causes of War

17. There have been no major wars among Western countries since World War Two. Why not?

18. What causes wars?

19. When, if ever, can wars be justified?

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