army two

Army, two


Divisions of armies consist of infantry, armored tanks, and artillery, plus support troops who handle transportation, medical care, and other responsibilities.

Almost every nation has an army. But armies vary greatly in makeup and fighting strength, based largely on a nation’s technology and wealth.



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D. The Military and Society

14. Do your fellow citizens take great pride in its military….or do they fear it?

15. Do some or many schools in your country have military programs, e.g. drilling, marching and military etiquette and exercises?

16. Should schools follow a more military-style format, in terms of school uniforms and discipline?

17. Can a military-style framework, lifestyle serve and or living quarters as an alternative to current public programs (prisons, pensions, unemployment, welfare, social security)?

18. Having served in the military is a plus for people running for public office, especially for the legislature, presidency or ministry.

E. The Military and People

19. Does a career in the military carry social prestige?

20. Do women like men in uniform?

21. Are there armies where soldiers are allowed, or required to keep their weapons at home? What do you think of this?

22. Do some or many people belong to a reserve army? Is it sort of a “hobby” for them?

23. Are there “military towns”? Describe them. What happens there?


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