Architecture, I

The term architecture has several meanings, all related to buildings. It may refer to the art and science of building as practiced by architects. Or, architecture may mean the buildings themselves.

Architecture also has a historical meaning referring either to the building style of a particular culture or to an artistic movement. For example, we speak of Renaissance architecture, Chinese architecture, Incan architecture, or Bauhaus architecture.


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A. Aesthetics

1. When you think of places with “great” architecture, what comes to mind?

2. My favorite types of architecture (or buildings) are . . . . . .

3. Describe the architecture of your town, city or country.

4. Do you prefer “modern” or “traditional” architecture?

5. What do you think the architecture of the future will look like?

6. Our country should build European buildings or towns. What do you think?



B. Old vs. Modern

7. What do you think about old, historical buildings being torn down and replaced by modern buildings?

8. Should destroyed or ruined historical buildings be rebuilt or reconstructed? Can you think of examples?

9. Should old, historical buildings be replaced, refurbished or left as they are?

10. New, modern buildings be demolished and replaced by old, historical, classical style buildings. What do you think?

11. Fast food restaurants should not be allowed be built in historical town centers. Do you agree?

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