Computers, one

A computer is a device that processes information with incredible speed and accuracy. Computers process information by helping to create it and by displaying it, storing it, reorganizing it, calculating with it, and communicating it to other computers.

Computers can process numbers, words, still pictures, moving pictures, and sounds.

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1. Do all your friends have computers? Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a computer?

2. All young people have and can use computers; but old person don’t have or can’t use computers. True or false?

3. What sort of things did you learn about computers in school?

4. Have you taken computer classes, for example in programming, graphics, or web designing?

Work, Usage

5. Do you work with computers as part of your work? What programs do you use?

6. What percentage of your friends and acquaintance works with computers on the job?

7. Most people use computers for only word processing, emailing, surfing the internet, and audio, video and photographic purposes. True or false?

8. Can you create paintings, drawings and pictures on your computer?

9. Do you know people who spend much or most of their waking hours sitting in front of a monitor and keyboard? What are they doing?


10. Can you, your parents, or grandparents remember the time before the advent of the PC?

11. Do you or your parents remember the time before the Macintosh or Windows (icons, the mouse, pointing and clicking)?


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