An airport is a place where airplanes and other aircraft take off and land, and load and unload passengers and cargo. Air travel has become the chief means of long-distance transportation, and modern aircraft provide the safest means of travel.

Every day, the world’s airports handle millions of passengers flying on thousands of commercial airplanes for business and leisure travel.

The largest airports resemble small cities. They may have shops, hotels, restaurants, and cinemas, as well as their own police force, fire-fighting services, medical facilities, and sewage treatment plant.

Many of these services and facilities are needed to handle the day-to-day traffic at an airport. They become especially important when flight delays occur or when emergencies arise.

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1. I have been to an airport. True or false? If yes, how many different airports have you been to?

2. Does your city have an airport? Is it big and very busy?

3. How do people dress in airports? What kind of clothes do people wear at airports?

4. Airports are very exciting places! They have a sense of excitement! It feels like an adventure being there. What do you think?

5. I see travelers from all over the world. Yes or no?

6. Airports are very emotional places. Is this right or wrong?




Commercial Aspects

7. Can you do everything at airports? Do airports have everything you need? Give examples.

8. Do any of your friends work at an airport? Do you know anyone who works at an airport? What do they say?

9. Would you or your friends like to work at an airport?

10. Is there a lot of security at airports? Do you see lots of police officers and security guards?

11. Is your local airport overcrowded? Does your city need another airport?

12. What will happen in the future?

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