Geography, one

Geography is the study of the location and distribution of living things and the earth features among which they live. Geographers study where people, animals, and plants live and their relationship with rivers, deserts, and other earth features.

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  In General

1. Describe the basic geography of where you live.

2. What is the climate like where you live?

3. There is much geographical and climatic variation in my country. Is this correct or wrong? Describe them.

4. In your opinion, what place has the “best” climate and geography? Describe your ideal or favorite geographical scenery and climate.

5. What countries or places have very beautiful landscapes? Describe it.






6. Countries or regions with a coast or shoreline are always more developed than landlocked regions. What do you think?

7. Which places are ideally suited for trade and transport?

8. Which is more expensive, cheese from Switzerland or Canada? Why?

9. Do different regions of your country produce different crops?

10. Australia is a poor country (continent). What do you think? Why is Australia a rich continent?

11. Climate influences economic development. Is this entirely true, mostly true, partly true, mostly false or entirely false (economic development has nothing to do with geography)?

12. Why are Dubai and Singapore so rich?





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