tv three

TV, part three


Entertainment programmes include dramas, comedies, game shows, sports events, cartoons, variety shows, and films. Informational programmes include documentaries, news, political coverage, talk shows, and financial information.

Because of its widespread popularity, television has an important influence on today’s culture, including how people spend their time and money, and what they see and learn.

General and Hypothetical Questions

27. It is possible to become smart or educated from TV.

28. What do you think about music videos?

29. What do your parents or grandparents think about TV? Your children?

30. What will television be like in the future?


31. What are your favourite TV programs? Which TV programs do you dislike?

32. Are TV programs getting better or worse? Do you prefer TV shows of your childhood?

33. What are the most popular TV shows and programs?

34. When you were a kid (child), what did you use to watch?

35. How could you improve your country’s television?

36. If you managed a TV station, what sort of programs would you air?

37. Most TV programs are rubbish and junk. Do you agree?

38. What do you think about the following? I love that. It’s my favourite. I like watching it. It’s interesting. I don’t mind it. I don’t like it. I hate it!

a)_____ advertisements, commercials
b)_____ cartoons
c)_____ children’s programs
d)_____ concerts, singing, music shows
e)_____ cooking shows
f)_____ dialogs, interviews
g)_____ documentaries, educational programs
h)_____ dramas, plays
i)_____ evening news, six o’clock news.
j)_____ foreign TV channels, programs
k)_____ game shows
l)_____ home improvement/decorating.
m)_____ infomercials
n)_____ music videos
o)_____ news reports, feature stories
p)_____ old, (classical) movies
q)_____ police shows, action (violent) films
r)_____ political and economic discussions
s)_____ pornography; for adults only
t)_____ reality TV, Big Brother
u)_____ soap operas, serials
v)_____ sports programs
w)_____ talk shows, discussion forums
x)_____ travel shows
v)_____ variety shows


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