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Clothing, two

No one knows exactly why or when people first wore clothes, but they probably began to wear clothing more than 100,000 years ago–and probably for much the same reasons we wear clothes today.

Early people may have worn clothing to protect themselves, to improve their appearance, and to tell other people something about themselves.

For example, a prehistoric hunter may have worn the skin of a bear or a reindeer in order to keep warm, but also as a sign of personal skill, bravery, and strength

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Clothing in my City

1% (One Percent). There are only a few clothes shop in my town. Is this right or wrong? Describe the different places that sell clothing in your town or city.

2% (Two Percent). Are people in your city very fashion conscious? Do people like to dress fashionably, causally or both?

5%. Do people like shopping for clothes? Do people spend much time and money shopping for clothes? Do they like to buy expensive clothes, cheap clothes, both or it depends?

10%. My city hosts fashion shows. Yes or no?

20%. People like to travel to foreign places to buy clothes. Is this correct or incorrect? Or, when people travel abroad, they like to buy clothes?

25%.  Are the clothes in local shops domestic, imports or both?

33%. Does your town, city, and, or country have a textile industry?




Clothes, Personal

50%. I buy and wear clothes I truly like; I don’t necessarily wear what my friends and peers wear, or what the latest fashions are. True or false?

66%. Where do you shop for clothes? Where do you like shopping for clothes?

75%. If I could shop for clothes anywhere (If I had lots of money), I would shop at . . . . I would buy . . .

90%. People (females) in my city like to sew and make their own clothes. Is this right or wrong?

99%. What do you think of online shopping for clothes? Is it popular?

100%. What might happen in the future regarding clothes and fashion?

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