1. When is your birthday? My birthday is on . . . . .

2. I always have a big birthday party. Yes, no, sometimes, usually?

3. How many people come to your birthday party? Who comes to your birthday party?

4. Are your birthday parties the same every year, are they similar or completely different?

5. What was your best birthday party? My best birthday party was when I was . . .

6. What presents have you received? I have received . . .

7. We have lots of food at birthday parties. Is this right or wrong?


8. Do you have birthday parties at school or at work? Are there birthday parties at your school or work? What happens?

9. Birthday parties are mainly for children. Do you agree?

10. Do you know or remember other people’s birthdays? Do you know your friends’ birthdays?

11. Do you know anyone who isn’t keen on having birthday parties? Do yo know anyone who doesn’t (want to) have birthday parties?

12. Are birthdays of great people celebrated as holidays?

13. What can you say about modern technology and birthdays?

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