cooking two

Cooking, 2

Some dishes are easy to cook. They require little skill and only a few ingredients. Other dishes are so complex and carefully prepared that they resemble works of art. Recipes offer instructions for cooking a huge variety of dishes.

Almost any edible part of plants, animals, or fungi can be used as an ingredient. The cuisines (cooking styles) of many cultures begin with ingredients traditionally available in a particular region.

But today, many ingredients—such as garlic, onions, and tomatoes—are used all over the world.

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14. Do people in your city usually prepare tradtional cuisine, American cuisine, international cuisine, ethnic (foreign) cuisine, or all of the above?

15. Who cooks better, women or men?

16. Women usually do the cooking at home. Yes or no? Should men and women do the cooking equally? Should they share cooking tasks?

17. There are lots of cooking clubs in my city. Is this correct or wrong? What do members do? What happens there?

18. Rich people don’t cook. Do you agree? If you were rich, would you cook?

19. Are the best chefs rich?


20. Which is better, restaurant dishes or your grandmother’s cooking?

21. What kinds of restaurants are there in your city?

22. There are many foreign or ethnic restaurants in my city. True or false?

23. Most chefs are men. Yes or no? Why are most chefs men? Are most cafeteria, diner, bistro cooks are women?

24. I would like to be a professional cook or chef. Yes or no?


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