The Olympics, I

The Olympic Games are the most important international athletic competition in the world. The Olympics bring together thousands of the world’s finest athletes to compete against one another in numerous individual and team sports.



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Hosting the Olympics

1. Our country has hosted an Olympics Game. True or false? If yes, when and where was it?

2. If no, would you like your country to host an Olympics Game? What would be some suitable locations?

3. Why do (many or most) countries what to host the Olympics?

4. Should there be a fair and equal hosting of the Olympics among different countries or regions of the world?

5. The Olympics Games bring fame, prestige, pride and money to the host city and country. Yes, no, in the middle?



Events, Sports

6. Have you ever attended an Olympics event or competition? What event was it?

7. What is your favourite Olympic sport? Why?

8. If you could compete, or if you were the best, which Olympic event would you like to participate in?

9. Does your country participate in all or most events? Is it well represented in various events? Or does your nation specialize and participate in a few sports?

10. Is your country strong in certain sports or events? Which ones? Which sports does your country excel in? What can you say about different sports and different nations?

11. Would you like to see more sports or events added to the Olympics? Which ones?

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