Hobbies, part one

Hobby can be any type of activity people do during their leisure time. Most people take up a hobby for relaxation, pleasure, or friendships, or to develop new interests. Sometimes a hobby can lead to extra income.

People of almost any age can enjoy hobbies. A hobby offers a way to relax after periods of hard work. Hobbies offer broadened areas of interest and ways to pass the time pleasantly.


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In General

1. What are your hobbies?  My hobbies are . . . . What is your friend’s bobby?

2. Have you and your friends had different hobbies since you were children?

3. What are the most popular hobbies in your town, city or country?

4. Describe the traditional hobbies of your country.

5. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have any hobbies?

6. If you could take up or perform any hobby, what would you like to do? If I could do any hobby, I would . . . .




7. The best way to make new friends or to find a girlfriend or boyfriend is through hobbies and hobby clubs. What do you think?

8. Do you know anyone who has made friends or found wives or husbands through hobbies?

9. What kinds of hobbies do rich people typically engage in? What kinds of hobbies do middle class people take up? Which hobbies do the poor do?

10. Who has or does more types of hobbies, children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged or old people?

11. Do men and women have the same or different hobbies?

12. Are there certain hobby “fads” or hobbies that become very fashionable or popular for a year then disappear?


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