Social Class, one

Social class is a group of people in a society that have about the same social standing. Social classes exist because people usually classify one another into more or less distinct groups based on such factors as wealth, power, prestige, ancestry, religion, and occupation.

Often, people rank these groups in their minds, considering some “better” than others. Social scientists call the groups social classes and describe the process of social ranking as social stratification.

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Class Structure

1. What are the main or recognized “socio-economic classes”?

2. What determines a person’s social class?

3. Has the composition of the various social classes changed over the years or generations? How has it changed? In what ways has it changed?


4. Describe the differences in the way of life between the upper-class (rich), upper-middle class, middle-class, lower-middle class (working-class) and lower-class (poor) where you live. Is there a sharp contrast? Is there a big difference?

5. People of different classes live in different parts of a town or city. True or false?


6. Is your society “class conscience”? Give examples. Is this good or bad?

7. Have classes been more rigid and defined in the past? Have they changed over time?

8. What do you think the concept and reality of social classes will be like in the future?


9. Do people of different social classes fraternize or socialize where you live?

10. People of different classes lead separate lives? Yes or no?

11. Is there much “inter-class” marriages? Do you know of any “inter-class” couples?

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