Transportation, I

Vocabulary related to transportation.

sailor motorbike truck/lorry
boat unicycle motorcycle
tram merchant harbor/port
desert crowded metro/tube
cart commute underground
trust survive overcharge
camel subway horse-drawn
mule donkey stubborn
llama sweater up-to-date
ship freeway motorway
feat railway railroad
diesel spaceship helicopter
rocket megacity cruise liner





Personal Transport

1. I have an automobile. I drive a car. True or false? Do all your friends and colleagues have cars?

2. Do you or your friends want to be a race car driver? Do some people in your city drive like racers?

3. The most important thing in life is to have a luxury car and a nice family home. Do you agree?

4. My parents won’t let me have a motorcycle because riding them can be dangerous. Yes or no? Are motorcycles popular in your city? What about scooters and mopeds? Do you see many scooters and mopeds?

5. More people should ride bicycles, just like in the Netherlands and Denmark. What do you think?

6. I wouldn’t want to be a truck (lorry) driver, even if the pay is good. Would your friends want to be a truck driver?

7. Rowing a boat in a lake is fun and enjoyable. Is there a lake where people do this?



8. My friends wish they could ride a unicycle, walk on stilts and juggle. Have you seen unicycling, stilt walking and juggling performances?

Public Transport

9. I dream of being a sailor, navigator, or engineer on board a merchant ship. Do you know anyone who is or was a sailor? Are there many sailors in your country?

10. Do you remember the first time you flew on a jet plane?

11. Traveling by train is more exotic and romantic than traveling by bus, car or airplane. Yes or no?

12. More people should take the bus and subway (metro, underground, tube). Does your city have an extensive subway network?

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