1. I have been married and had a wedding. True or false? If yes, what was it like? Describe your wedding. What happened at your wedding?

2. Have you attended weddings? Approximately how many weddings have you attended? Were they similar or different?

3. Marriage and a Wedding are the biggest events in a person’s life.

Wedding Ceremonies

4. Do people always get married in a church, cathedral or temple?

5. Talk about wedding rings. Describe them. Do all married couples wear one? Do single people wear rings?

Wedding Parties

6. Everyone nowadays has a “white wedding”. No one has traditional weddings anymore. Yes or no? Describe a traditional wedding in your country.

7. How do people dress at weddings?

8. What gifts do guest bring to weddings? Is money involved in weddings?

9. Where do newlyweds go on honeymoon? What are some popular places to go on a honeymoon?


10. Some couples are not interested in a wedding party. Yes or no? Do you know any?

11. Weddings are a big business; it’s an industry. Do you agree? Give examples.

12. Weddings are less common now than they used to be. Yes or no?

13. What will weddings be like in the future?

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