Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. The laws of most nations permit divorce only under certain circumstances. Divorce is restricted chiefly because it breaks up a family, the basic unit of society. Some countries, such as the Philippines, where Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion, prohibit divorce.

Most men and women who seek a divorce do so because they cannot solve certain problems in their marriage. Such problems may include differences in goals, financial difficulties, or a poor sexual relationship.

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Divorce in Society

1. Is divorce good, bad, both, neither or it depends?

2. In my city or country, divorce a) is very common b) is fairly common, c) happens sometimes or occasionally d) is rare e) never happens. Has it been changing over the years?

3. Is there a stigma attached to getting divorced? Has it changed over the years?

4. Is it easy, fairly easy, so-so, in the middle, difficult or very difficult to get divorced in your country?

5. Divorced people usually remarry and live happily ever after. True or false?


6. What are common reasons why couples get divorced?

7. Must couples stay faithful forever? Are humans naturally non-monogamous?

8. What happens if a husband or wife cheats or is unfaithful? Should they get divorced?

9. Is it important to have children? Is it important to have many children?

10. Couples who have children, but have fallen out should stay married for the sake of their children. Do you agree?

11. How can people avoid getting divorced? People should

12. Divorce is not the problem; marriage is. What do you think?

13. What will happen in the future? Will divorces increase, decrease or remain the same?





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