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House, two

Styles of houses vary widely from country to country. And, in many countries, the style of new houses has changed with passing time.

The factors that influence the size and design of houses include climate, social customs, building techniques and materials, fashion, and wealth. Religious beliefs also influence style. For example, houses in some countries of eastern Asia have roofs that curve upwards at the eaves. The people believe that these roofs protect them from evil spirits.

Mansions, Villas

12. What kind of houses do rich people live in? Are these located in the city centre, or in certain districts?

13. Have many palaces and mansions been converted into museums? Briefly describe them.

14. Many fairy tales, folk tales, mysteries, dramas, and ghost stories take place in mansion and influence our thinking. Yes or no?

15. Would you or your friend like to live in a penthouse?

Housing Economics

15. Is there a housing shortage where you live? What is the average price of a new home?

16. There is a housing and construction boom in my city. Yes or no?

17. In what places are homes or houses relatively cheap? In what places are they expensive?

18. Do people mostly buy or rent their own homes, or both?

19. Many homes in villages and the country are abandoned. True or false?

Building and Construction

20. Builders and carpenters earn a lot of money. Is this correct or wrong?

21. Do people build their new homes, or do they leave it all up to carpenters, or both?

22. Are your or your friends in the building, construction, or materials supplies industry?


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