ads III

Advertisements, III

Advertising is also used by individuals, political parties and candidates, social organizations, special-interest groups, and governments.

Many people advertise in newspapers to sell used cars, homes, or other property. Political parties and candidates use advertising to try to win votes.

Special-interest groups and government bodies often advertise to promote a cause or to influence the way people think or act. Some of their advertisements provide a public service. For example, in some countries public service ads are designed to discourage people from smoking.

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Here are some advertisements. For each, answer the following questions.

1. What do you see? Where is this place?

2. Are there any characters? Who were the characters? What are the people doing? What is happening?

3. What is the product or service? What is being sold?

4. Who is the company?

5. What is the message?

6. Who is the target?

7. Where would you see this ad?

8. What would viewers think? Is it effective?

7a    7b
8a     8b


9a 9b

10a    10b




20. Do ads work on a conscious level or unconscious level, or both? For example?

21. Why do songs or music accompany many commercials?

22. Have you heard of subliminal advertising? How does it work?

23. What are the messages or ideas conveyed by advertising? Do they tend to be direct, indirect, or hidden?

24. Can advertising be harmful to people? If yes, give examples.

25. Children and adults respond to ads in the same manner. True or false?

26. People buy based on emotion and then justify with reason. Yes or no?

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