tropical fruits

Subtropical and

Tropical Fruits


Vocabulary for fruits

pear melon raspberry
plum coconut watermelon
berry papaya strawberry
dates mango avocado
apple cherry pineapple
olives orange cantaloupe
kiwi lemon nectarine
lime banana blueberry
peach apricot tangerine





Subtropical Fruits

14. In wintertime, the only fruits the shops sell are apples, oranges, and bananas. True or false?

15. Dried figs, dates and grapes (raisins) are popular snacks. Yes or no? Are dates, raisins, and dried figs popular snacks?

16. Lemons are quite expensive and my mother only buys one or two at a time. Yes or no?

17. Avocados are high in calories, but healthy (they contain omega-6 fats). Yes or no?Are avocados increasingly popular? Are avocados becoming more popular? Should they replace bread, rice, potatoes and corn as a staple food?

18. Is extra-virgin olive oil good for your health? Should it be used for frying or as a raw salad oil?




Tropical Fruits

19. Which are more expensive, apples or bananas? Where do bananas in shops come from?

20. Have you tried dried bananas, banana chips or cooked plantain?

21. Do people in your city always, usually, frequently, sometimes, seldom, rarely, or never  eat pineapples? When do people eat pineapples? My friend has eaten pineapple fruit salad and drank pineapple juice. Is this correct or wrong?

22. Where do you see coconut and palm trees? Have you actually seen them? Can you buy coconuts in shops?

23. Have you seen or eaten starfruit, dragon fruit, kiwifruit or breadfruit? What do they look like?

24. Are there mangoes in the markets? Are they cheap,, medium-priced or expensive? Have you tried fresh or dried mangoes?

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