Democracy is a form of government, a way of life, a goal or ideal, and a political philosophy. The term also refers to a country that has a democratic form of government.

The word democracy means “rule by the people”. United States President Abraham Lincoln described such self-government as “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Most modern democracy is representative democracy. In large communities–cities, states, provinces, or countries–it is impossible for all the people to meet as a group.

Instead, they elect a certain number of their fellow citizens to represent them in making decisions about laws and other matters.

Free elections give the people a chance to choose their leaders and express their opinions on issues. Elections are held periodically to ensure that elected officials truly represent the people. The possibility of being voted out of office helps assure that those elected pay attention to public opinion.


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 In General

1. Democracy is the best form of government. Do you agree?

2. Does democracy only mean free elections? What are the main features of democracy?

3. Are there any cons or disadvantages of democracy? Can you give some examples?

4. Is it easier for democracy to exist in developed (rich) societies than poor, undeveloped countries, or it doesn’t matter?

The People

5. Everyone loves and wants democracy. Is this true of false? Are there any people who don’t like democracy?

6. Have you heard the term “tyranny of the masses”?

7. Referendums, ballot initiatives and plebiscites on major issues is the best form of democracy. Do you agree?

8. For democracies to exist and thrive, the population should be literate and educated. What do you think?


9. What countries have long, strong traditions of democracy? Which countries do you associate democracy with?

10. All governments in the world (including North Korea, Iran, Cuba) claim to be democracy. Yes or no?

11. All democratic countries are good places to live; all non-democracies or dictatorships are horrible places to live. Do you agree?

12. Have some countries that adopted democratic constitutions later became dictatorships?

13. Our country should have a monarchy (king, queen, emperor). What do you think?

14. Do people always move, emigrate or migrate from undemocratic to democratic countries? Can you give examples of people migrating from democracies to autocracies or dictatorship?

History of Democracy

15. Where did democracy originate? Did other nations practice a form of democracy?

16. Did your nation have an early form of democracy?

17. Explain Magna Carta, the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution.

18. What can you say about the French Revolution, the Revolution of 1848.

19. Who were Montesquieu, Voltaire, Jean Jacques Rousseau, John Locke, and Thomas Jefferson.

20. What will happen in the future? Will there be global democracy, Big Brother, or Mad Max?



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