Economics, two

Economists (specialists in economics) define economics as the study of how goods and services get produced and how they are distributed. By goods and services, economists mean everything that can be bought and sold. By produced, they mean the processing and making of goods and services. By distributed, they mean the way in which goods and services are divided among people.


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Investment, Monetary Transactions

20. Do remittances play a major role in a country’s economy? How?

21. Is there much foreign investment in your country? If yes, which countries invest in your country? Give examples.

22. Does your country invest in ohter countries or both? How or in what ways?

23. Would you like more foreign investment in your country?


24. Are labor unions strong in your country? Is there much support for labor unions?

25. Is there much unemployment? If yes, how could this be solved?

26. There is a labour shortage in our nation’s economy. Yes or no? How has this come about? What is the solution?

27. There are jobs in my country that locals shun (don’t want to do). True or false?

28. Immigrants or migrants perform certain jobs in my country. Yes or no?


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