starter irregular verbs

Irregular Verbs, one

Go, Eat, Win



go have sing
eat read buy
feed hear leave
meet say think
sell wake spell
tell teach begin
teach win fly




Go Went Gone

1. Go, went, gone
I go to school or work by bus. True or false?

In the past, everyone went to the movie theater (cinema). Yes or no?

Do all school students go to university What percent of students go to university?
2. Have (has), had, had
Do you have a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone? How many devices does your family have?

Brad is a popular singer. What does he have? My friend has lots of clothes. Is this right or wrong?

3. Sing, sang, sung
In school we sing (sang) many different songs. Is this correct or wrong? Did you sing songs in English? Does your friend like to sing?
4. Eat, ate, eaten
What do you eat at school or work? What does your friend like to eat?

Have you ever eaten caviar, mushrooms, pineapple, bananas, octopus, squid, crab, pizza, shawarma (doner, kebab), sushi, taco, burrito? I have eaten Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Turkish food. Yes or no?

5. Read /ri:d/, read /red/, read /red/
Do you read lots of books, newspapers, or magazines? What are your favorite books? Who reads the most (books)? Mr. Branco is a successful CEO. What’s his secret?



Buy, Bought, Bought

6. Buy, bought, bought
Mr. and Mrs. Liu traveled to Italy and France last summer. What did they do there? What do you like to buy? I like to buy . . . .

7. Feed, fed, fed
Do parents feed babies? What do parents feed babies? Do people feed some old people?

8. Hear, heard, heard
I hear different sounds during the day. Is this correct or incorrect? Do you hear sounds at night? What do you hear at night? I hear . . . Do you hear anything in a forest? What do you hear in a park?

9. Leave, left, left
Doug left the party early. Why did he leave early? He left early because . . . . What time do you leave school or work? What do students do when they leave school?

10. Meet, met, met
Do you have friends? Where did you meet your friends? I met my friends . . . . Where did you meet your wife/husband/significant other? How did your mother and father meet?

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