Black White Cheap Expensive Fast Slow

Black, White, Cheap

Expensive, Fast, Slow



hungry full empty
black white grey/gray
brown blue green
red orange yellow
pink purple colorful
free cheap expensive
fast quick slow


Hungry, Full, Black, White

1. Some people eat a lot but still feel hungry. Yes or no? If yes, why?

2. What percent of the population “goes to bed” hungry?

3. Are villages full of people or are many houses empty?

4. What’s the difference between black-and-white and colored movies and TV shows? Which is older?

5. What can you say about black cats?

Brown, Blue, Green, Red

6. Give examples of the “grey economy” or “shadow economy”. I know people who work in the grey economy. True or false?

7. Which tastes better, brown (whole wheat) or white bread? Is brown bread cheaper or more expensive than white bread?

8. All my friends and neighbors like to wear blue jeans. Is this correct or wrong?

9. Rich peoples’ favorite color is…………

10. What is the first color that comes to your mind?

Orange, Yellow, Pink, Violet, Colorful

11. There are lots of oranges in the market. Yes or no? If yes, where do they come from?

12. Candice has a yellow marker pen. What is her occupation?

13. Only girls wear pink clothes and have pink things. True or false?

14. Is Violet a common girl’s name?

15. Describe beets. Are beets a popular food?

16. Describe your local marketplace. Is it very colorful?

Free, Cheap, Expensive, Fast, Quick

17. Do shops and stores and other businesses give away free things?

18. Which foods are cheap?

19. Are laptops, tablets and smart phones cheap or expensive or in the middle?

20. My internet connection is always fast. Do you agree?

21. I hate slow service; I like quick service. Yes or no? Give examples.

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