tall short sweet salty

Tall, Short, Delicious, Tasty

Funny, Sweet, Salty, Raw



tall long short
delicious tasty okay
awful yucky fun
funny sweet salty
sour bitter hot
spicy raw cooked
fresh stale


Tall, Long, Short, Delicious, Tasty

1. Presidents and Prime Ministers are usually tall. True or false?

2. What can you say about giraffes? Describe the giraffe.

3. When are days long? When are days short? When do you have long nights? Do you like long, cold nights?

4. Are the old generation short and the young generation tall?

5. My grandmother cooks delicious meals. Yes or no?

6. Street food is very tasty. Do you agree?

Okay, Awful, Yucky, Fun, Funny

7. What do your friends think of doner kebabs (shawarma) and pizza?

8. Are there any awful or yucky food? What foods are yucky or awful?

9. Where are some fun places? What are some fun activities?

10. I like to watch funny videos. True or false?

11. Some people in my school/company are funny. Yes or no?

Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Hot, Spicy

12. Do children like sweet foods?

13. What makes food sweet?

14. Is salty food good for people’s health?

15. What foods are sour?

16. Bitter vegetables are healthy. Yes or no?

17. Which countries have hot and spicy foods?

Raw, Cooked, Fresh, Stale

18. I have tasted (eaten) raw fish. Is this correct or wrong? How was it?

19. Have you tasted cook liver, kidney, intestine, heart, lungs, stomach, tongue, brains?

20. Which tastes better fresh or cured, pickled, preserved, smoked, salted vegetables and fish?

21. People should throw away stale bread. Yes or no?

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