starter irregular verbs 2

Irregular Verbs, two

Go, Eat, Win



go/went/gone have/had/had hear/heard/heard
eat/ate/eaten read/read/read buy/bought/bought
feed/fed/fed sing/sang/sung teach/taught/taught
leave/left/left say/said/said think/thought/thought
sell/sold/sold spell/spelt/spelt wake/woke/woke
tell/told/told meet/met/met begin/began/begun
win/won/won fly/flew/flown




Say, Said, Said

11. Say, said, said
What did the magician say during his performance? The magician said . . . . Are there incantations or magic words in your language? What is the first thing your teacher or boss says every morning? She (he) says . . . .

12. Think, thought, thought
In ancient times, people though that . . . . . What do you think will happen in ten years in the future? I think that . . . .

13. Sell, sold, sold
Where can you sell items? In marketplaces, flea markets, bazaars, online? Have you sold anything? Do you know anyone who sells anything?

14. Wake, woke, woken
I wake up the same time, every day. True or false? What time do you usually wake up? When Rip Van Winkle woke up, he had long, white beard. Why?

15. Spell, spelled (spelt), spelled (spelt)
Are you good at spelling? English spelling is more difficult than my language. True or false? Is English spelling easier or more difficult than your language? Are there spelling bees (competitions) in your language?



Tell, Told, Told

16. Tell, told, told
My friends and I like to tell stories. Is this correct or wrong? Do your friends tell you their secrets?

17. Write, wrote, written
Do you and your friends write a lot online? I write in diary. Yes or no? Who were some great writers from your country? Are you going to write a book or a blog?

18. Begin, began, begun
We began studying English when we were 5 years old. True or false? Is this the ideal time to learn a foreign language?  When do people begin dating (having a boyfriend or girlfriend)?

19. Teach, taught, taught
My favorite teacher taught me . . . . What was the most important lesson that you learned? Can you teach something?

20. Win, won, won
There are many contests and competitions in my school: art, posters, singing, Easter eggs, dancing. Is this correct or incorrect? Who often wins? Have you won any competition? Do people like to win, in sports, school, business, your profession?

21 Fly flew flown
I have flown on an airplane. Yes or no? Who was Yuri Gagarin? Who were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin?

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